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How to Read Nutrition Labels and Make The Healthy Choice!

Have you ever found yourself comparing two different brands of food and trying to decide which one is better for you? Understanding how to read and interpret food nutrition labels will help you make healthy and informed choices at the grocery store. Luckily, Health Canada has an online Interactive Nutrition Label to help you make sense of what’s in those packaged foods.

By clicking on the various sections of the label you can learn more about what each section represents and how to interpret information such as serving sizes, % daily values, core nutrients, nutritional claims and ingredients.

Click here to check out the Interactive Nutrition Label.

Interactive Nutrition Label


Vitamin D for Healthy Bones and Muscles and a Reduced Risk of Cancer

Vitamin D is needed for developing and maintaining healthy bones and muscles, especially in growing children and older adults. Additionally, research is showing that vitamin D may play a role in reducing your risk of certain types of cancer, in particular colorectal and breast cancers.

You get vitamin D from exposure to sunlight and in your diet. As little as a few minutes of sunlight a day can give you the vitamin D your body needs. However, as we live in a cloudy and rainy climate most of the year there is concern from the experts that we may not be getting enough vitamin D to reap all the health benefits.

The Canadian Cancer Society recommends that Canadian adults consider taking a Vitamin D supplement. Talk to your doctor about taking 1000 IU a day during the fall and winter months. 

For more information on vitamin D, and who is at greatest risk of deficiency, click here