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Abbotsford Healthy Community Challenge – March 10

The Healthy Community Challenge is a free, 90 day event to help you kickstart living a healthier life. Participants have access to a website that offers support and tools for tracking their progress. Participants also:

  • get their body measurements taken for free - come to the Abbotsford Recreation Centre (ARC)  March 10 (between 7:30-3pm)
  • have free access to specially designed classes at the ARC

For more information on the Challenge and the event on March 10 click here.

Even our own Mayor is involved! Click here to read what he is up to in the following article from the Abbotsford News


Join the Heartthrob Challenge, Get in Shape and Win! Visit MRC or ARC to Enter.

Heart throb Challenge


Commit to Quit Smoking and You Could Win an iPad 2!

It’s that time again! January 16th 2012, marks the start of National Non Smoking Week and Quitnow is launching a new “Commit to Quit Contest” for 2012.

Click here to visit to enter.

Quit Now Poster


Enter the Sodium Facts Contest! You Could Win $5000 in Groceries or Kitchen Appliances from Healthy Families BC

Know your sodium facts, Win BIG!

Healthy Families BC is hosting a Sodium Facts Contest to increase awareness of how much sodium is in some of the foods we eat and how to make healthy choices.  Entering is easy, all you need to do is login or register on the Healthy Families BC website. You could win your choice of $5000 in groceries or up to $5000 in specially selected kitchen appliances from a retailer of your choice. Both Grand Prizes will include an additional $1000 worth of meal planning services from a Registered Dietitian. Weekly prizes are also available.

Did you know that the average Canadian consumes 3400 mg of sodium a day! That’s more than double the recommended limit on sodium per day. To be healthy, adults need only 1500 mg of sodium per day, while children need only 1000-1500 mg of sodium per day. Diets high in sodium put you at greater risk of high blood pressure and conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

So where does all this sodium in our diet hide? High levels of sodium can often be found in the food we eat at restaurants or the prepackaged or processed foods we buy at the grocery store.

So how do you reduce your sodium? 

  • When eating out, ask to see the nutritional information. Most restaurants have a handout which breaks down the nutritional information, including the sodium content of their menu items.
  • At the grocery store read the nutritional labels of packaged food. These labels will give you two pieces of information, the milligrams of sodium in one serving and the % daily value. Avoid brands that have 15 % of your daily value or more per serving. 5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot! Remember when comparing brands make sure you compare the serving sizes as they can often be different.
  • Don’t add extra salt. Put away the salt shaker and instead boost the flavor of foods with herbs and spices.

Click here to visit Healthy Families BC to get more great tips on lowering your salt intake.


Win Free Groceries for a Year!

Join the Healthy Families BC Community and enter to win one of six weekly prizes or the grand prize of groceries for a year!

Healthy Families BC is the Province of British Columbia’s one stop location for information related to health and wellness. The online community allows you to take part in the conversation by commenting on blogs and receiving the latest in healthy living news and information.

This new website is part of the Ministry of Health’s four pronged Healthy Families BC Strategy to support families and communities in the following key areas:

  • Healthy Lifestyles – supporting British Columbians in managing their own health and reducing chronic disease by working with physicians to ensure consistent delivery of proven prevention initiatives.
  • Healthy Eating – initiatives aimed at supporting healthy choices, in the home, the school and the community and creating environments that support the provision of healthier foods and make their choice easier.
  • Healthy Start – helping the most vulnerable families in British Columbia get the best start in life.
  • Healthy Communities- encouraging British Columbians to lead healthier lives where they live, work, learn and play.

Click here to go to Healthy Families BC and Join the Community!

Good Luck!

Healthy Families BC Website


Show Your Community Spirit & Win Great Prizes

Make your neighbourhood even better – get together, have fun, and win great prizes!

Abbotsford just kicked off the Neighbourhood Spirit Contest. The aim of the contest is to build neighbourhood spirit by giving neighbours an opportunity to work together to plan something special.

This something special can be anything from a community clean-up day to a neighbourhood street hockey tournament.

Need ideas? Contact the Community Developer at the City of Abbotsford at 604.557.1464 or email

Need Money? Vibrant Abbotsford provides grants up to $1,500 for projects aimed to improve your neighbourhood, visit

Entering is easy!

  • Get a group together with your neighbours
  • Come up with an idea
  • Enter your story online at
  • Take pictures and document your progress

Why not put a healthy spin on this contest. Try a community activity day at your local park or organize a neighborhood walking group!

Connected Neighbourhoods are Healthy Neighbourhoods – Abbotsford, Let’s Make it Healthy!

Neighbourhood Spirit Contest

Neighbourhood Spirit Contest


Another Great Reason to Get Active Outside! “Get to Know” your Wild Neighbors and Win!

2011 Robert Bateman “Get to Know” Contest

This year, renowned wildlife artist Robert Bateman invites all Canadian youth to go outside and “get to know” their wild neighbours. The Canadian Wildlife Federation Robert Bateman “Get to Know” Contest encourages young people to develop a deeper appreciation for their neighbours of other species by getting outdoors and creating art, writing, digital photography, and videos.

2011 has been declared the International Year of Forests by the United Nations. In celebration of this important designation, the theme of the 2011 Get to Know Contest is “This is My Forest”.

Winners will receive all kinds of wild prizes. The contest launches during National Wildlife Week, April 10 – 16. To learn more and find out how to enter, visit


Congratulations to our Online Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Winner of Scavenger Hunt


Grand Prize winner, Tripat, won an 8 GB iPod Touch

2nd Grand Prize winner, Nicholas, won 4 Tickets to the Abbotsford Heat

Our other luck winners are enjoying free passes to our Recreation Center’s for swimming, skating and other fun activities!

Congratulations to all our winners and to everyone who participated!


Here are some of your responses to the Healthy Challenges

Be active by helping your family with household chores. What chore will you help with today?

Clean the house    Wash dishes     Make the bed    Clean Bedroom    Go get the Mail    Vacuum    Set the Table    Clear the table after dinner    Wash Floors    Do Laundry    Yard Work    Bring Laundry Downstairs    Clean up after the Animals    Help make dinner    Help sister with homework    Sweep    Clean the kitty litter    Take out the garbage    Walk the dog    Dust the furniture    Pack my hockey gear for tomorrow    Clean up my toys    Play with my younger brother so mom can clean    Put away groceries

Turn off the TV, video games and computer and do something fun and healthy. What healthy activity will you do instead?

Play Soccer    Read a book    Family Games    Play outside    Go Jogging    Play Tag outside    Skipping    Go Swimming    Basketball    Handball    Street hockey with Friends    Walk the dog    Gymnastics    Run on Treadmill    Sun Hang Do    Play on the trampoline    Work out at MRC    Do a puzzle    Play tennis    Take a walk around the block    Aquafit    Rollerblade    Football    Ride my bike    Take the kids outside to play    Lift weights    Play on the swingset    Go to the park    Household chores    Ask my friend to play outside    Floor Hockey    Workout video    Bhangra or hip hop dance    Run around the neighbourhood    Ice Skating    Hang out with Friends and Family    Make Crafts    Push Ups   Volleyball   

Help prepare dinner with your family. What will you do to help prepare dinner?

Cut up the vegetables     Set the table    Pick out healthy foods    Prepare the salad    Shred Cheese    Peel potatoes    Pour the Drinks    Clear the Table    Learn how to help    Steam fish and veggies    Help get out ingredients    Help make roti    Suggest a healthy recipe   


Take the Heart Throb Challenge and Win. It’s not too late!

Donate to a great cause and get active for a healthy heart in February!

About Our Hearts

Hearts are $1 each and all proceeds go to the BC Heart & Stroke Foundation. If you purchase a blank heart, you can write a message to a loved one to display in the facility or you can purchase a Heartthrob Challenge Heart and Take the Challenge!

Take the Challenge

A Heartthrob Challenge Heart comes with a 4-week calendar to track your workouts. The hearts will be posted at the recreation centres and each time you complete a 30-minute workout, you can record your success. After 12 stamps for your workouts during the month of February, you will be entered to win one of the grand prizes.

Contact ARC or MRC for all the details!

ARC 604-853-4221

MRC 604-855-0500


Scavenger Hunt Goes Live!

Today is the day the scavenger hunt contest goes live!  Click on the contest button on the right side of the homepage to go to the form and see today’s healthy question. Or take the shortcut and click here.

Good Luck!