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Are You in the 9-to-5 Food Rut?

This article comes from ACE Fitness:

Does this sound familiar? Despite being a fan of a variety of foods, you find yourself eating the same healthy foods repeatedly because it’s part of your routine—it’s easy, tastes good and you can automatically get what you need at the grocery store without having to think about it. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We’re the first to admit that we have love affairs with a handful of our meals for these very reasons and we could eat them every day without ever getting bored. But what could be so bad about eating the same foods all the time, especially if the foods are healthy ones?


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9 Grocery Store Mistakes

This article is from ACE Fitness.

As registered dietitians and personal trainers, we’ve noticed that our clients often unknowingly make mistakes at the grocery store that ultimately sabotage their healthy-eating routines. Here are just a handful of common grocery store mistakes along with some easy solutions:

Mistake #1: You go to the grocery store following a workout.

Mistake #2: You forgot your grocery list.

Mistake #3: You mosey through the store.

Mistake #4: You avoid frozen produce and assume it’s not as nutritious as fresh.

Mistake # 5: You fall for the claim on the front of the food package.

Mistake #6: You buy a food simply because it’s organic.

Mistake #7: You pay no attention to salt.

Mistake #8: You buy granola for breakfast thinking it’s a healthy choice.

Mistake #9: You purchase a food that normally wouldn’t be considered healthy because the label claims it’s “made with real fruit.”

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