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When Am I Too Sick to Workout?

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Drop that Tissue and Give Me 20  — The Answer/Debate

If symptoms are above the neck (think runny nose or sore throat), it’s typically okay to continue working out, as exercising may even temporarily clear those sinuses and provide relief[7]. However, if there’s an issue below the neck (think cough, body aches, or chest congestion), it’s best to wait it out. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to working out sick, so evaluate the intensity of symptoms and err on the side of caution to prevent from feeling even worse.

Working out regardless of the cold? Lower the intensity of a normal workout. Try stretching and/or yoga, taking a long walk with the pup, or some light strength training. Sick days are bound to come around, so if the idea of attempting any form of exercise seems like the equivalent of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, take a break, put those hardworking feet up, and catch up on that favorite TV show.

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