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Physical Activity Can Help During The Cold and Flu Season

This article, from Healthy Families BC, has some really great practical information around why being active helps and what to do if you are already sick.

It’s getting colder; people are spending more time indoors in closer proximity and its flu season!

Aside from washing your hands, drinking hot fluids, taking immune system boosters and following other influenza avoidance practices (e.g. immunization), physical activity is a GREAT way to boost our immune system in an effort to prevent the flu and or speed up recovery

(note: people who are physically active on a regular basis generally have efficient immune systems; therefore, recovery times are usually faster).

How does physical activity improve our immune systems? This is not a simple question to answer; however, scientists are working very hard to properly outline the many pathways in which physical activity functions to improve our immune functionality.

Below are a few simple findings:

  • Individuals, who exercise regularly at a light to moderate intensity for 30 minutes on most days of the week, if not all, are at a significantly lower risk for respiratory infections.
  • Activity lovers who exercise for 30-60 minutes on most days of the week have a 40% reduction in sick days during the cold season.
  • Regular exercise helps the disease-fighting white blood cells in the body move from the organs into the bloodstream where they are able to combat and rid the invading pathogens.

To read the complete article and to find out if you should you be physically active when you are sick click here.


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