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Do You Confuse How You Are Doing With What You Weigh?

This blog post from Weighty Matters is a great reminder of how to keep things in perspective.

If you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight the scale will tell you how you’re doing.


The scale never tells you how you’re doing. The scale only tells you what you weigh.

How you’re doing is what you’re actually doing. Are you cooking healthful meals? Are you organizing your dietary timing, calories, and proteins? Are you minimizing meals out? Are you being thoughtful? Are you keeping track of your choices and intake? Are you exercising? Are you consistent in your efforts?

Boiling it down even further ask yourself,

“Am I living the healthiest life that I can honestly enjoy?”

If the answer’s yes, you’re doing great – scale be damned.

The fact is sometimes you weigh more than how you’re doing even when you’re doing great.

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