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Dressing for Outdoor Activities

While this post from ParticipACTION is talking about kids, as adults the same information applies. While we may not have snow on the ground yet the days are definitely cooler. One of the best ways to enjoy being outdoors is to be dressed properly. It is hard to have fun when you are cold and/or wet.

Having proper clothing can be expensive when buying new. Consider checking your local Value Village, Thrift Store or Salvation Army. You will be amazed at the quality of outdoor clothing (and pretty much everything else) you can find at a price that you can’t beat. There are also a number of Facebook Swap pages  and Craig’s List where people are selling used items.

Winter is on its way! I say, bring on the snow and let’s bring back active outdoor play for our kids. When we were their age, a little snow didn’t keep us indoors. Quite the contrary! There were forts to make, snowballs to roll, and backyard skating rinks awaiting.

A winter wonderland provides the perfect playground for kids and adults alike. Dressing for winter weather is essential and since many kids won’t admit to being wet or cold since they don’t want to miss out on the fun, it’s a parent’s responsibility to provide winter clothing that is appropriate.

Dress in Layers

Dressing your child in layers allows warm air to get trapped between them, creating an insulation effect. I recommend a triple layer approach to keeping kids dry and comfortable.

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Boy making a snowman


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