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Get an Extra 4 Hours per Day of Free Time!

New stats were released this week around television watching (to read the full article click here).

Turns out, in 2011, Canadians watched an average of 28.5 hours of television per week!

That is just over 4 hours per day! Think about all the things that you don’t think you have time to do. Reading, spending time with family/friends, being active, cooking, taking a class etc. What could you do with an extra 4 hours each day?

Consider what watching TV gives you. Does it recharge your batteries? Does it relax you? Does it make you feel like you are getting a well-deserved break? If you answered yes to any of these questions I would challenge you to think about whether or not that is really true.

  1. Recharging your batteries – do you feel more alert, energized and fufilled after watching TV? If not then it is not recharging you.
  2. Relaxes you – do you feel more calm and better able to live your life after watching TV? If not then it is not relaxing you.
  3. A well-deserved break – we all need a break. Does watching TV make you feel more rested and ready to start the next thing? If not then it is not a great choice for a well-deserved break.

We tell ourselves a lot of stories around why we watch TV. What do we really get from it?

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