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Do I Really Need to Eat After I Exercise?

YES!! So now the next question is “what should I eat after I exercise?” To help answer that here is an article from ParticipACTION that not only tells you why the after exercise meal is so important but it also gives you some healthy food ideas.

Healthy snacks that taste good are the best kind! Knowing what your body needs most after exercise can mean the difference between feeling strong and ready to tackle the rest of your day… or feeling like you’ve got nothing left to give.

Post workout snacks are really about replacing the fuels — fluid, carbohydrates and protein – that you used while exercising. Some people, particularly those eager to lose weight, may be reluctant to take in calories following a workout, but according to Dr. Lowell Greib, associate professor at The Canadian College of Naturophatic Medicine, owner of The SportLab and certified sports nutritionist, “eating after exercise may be the most important ‘meal’ of the day for an active individual.

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