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Biking to School – Start a Bicycle Train!

Parents are often concerned about the safety of their children riding their bikes to school. As a result, many parents drive their kids to school. This creates more traffic and pollution around the school and less physical activity for the child. What if you could create a safer way for your child to bike to school? You can, start a bicycle train!

Getting to school isn’t normally something that kids would consider fun. Let’s change that! Kids need to move their bodies and what better time to do that than on the way to school where they will be sitting for the next 6-7 hours?

Start a walking school bus or Bicycle Train and provide a safe alternative to driving and allow children to incorporate physical activity into their day.

A Walking School Bus or Bicycle Train is a group of kids walking or cycling to school with one or more adults. It can be informally planned when two or three families take turns walking or cycling with their children to school or it might be a more formally developed and organized program with specific stops, specific participants and volunteer Walking School Bus or Bicycle Train leaders.

For tips on how to start a Bicycle Train or a Walking School Bus click here.


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