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Biking – Keep your Kids Safe

Many parents do not let their kids walk or ride their bikes to school on their own out of fear that something might happen to them. Here is an excerpt from the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition from their Cycling and Schools position paper that may give you some perspective on the safety of your kids riding to school:

Perception of or the lack of safety is the #1 reason parents currently prevent their children from riding to and from school. Ironically, the vehicle congestion around schools poses the greatest risk to students. Fortunately, serious accidents involving child cyclists are rare and much less common than those involving child pedestrians or car passengers. Surveys show that one in three parents would like to see cycle training in schools. Traffic free cycle routes were twice as popular with parents as cycle lanes on roads.

The risks of cycling are dwarfed by the health risks of lack of exercise. Children need safe routes to bike to school. In just one generation, the percentage of children who walk or bike to school has dropped 75%, while the number of overweight children has tripled. A recent bike survey indicated that over 30% of students would like to cycle to school, nine out of ten own bikes and currently less than 4% cycle to school.

Click here for a list of practical things that you can do to keep your child safe on their way to school.


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