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Head out to the Farm!

Looking for a farm that sells fresh eggs or perhaps a farm that sells fresh honey? Or maybe you are looking for a farm where you can take the kids for an afternoon of fun? Check out, where you can get information on  local farms including all the products they grow and sell, any family attractions and farm features they offer as well as interactive maps giving you their locations.

There are also informative articles about the industry as well as delicious recipes you can make using locally grown produce. You can  also access availability charts on produce, flowers and vegetables that will tell you when your favorite products are available.

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FREE Help from a Dietitian

Did you know that you can call or email a Registered Dietitian for free? You can! This is a service that is provided by Health Link BC ( that ensures all British Columbians can talk to a Registered Dietitian and get the real answers to their food and nutrition questions.

There is a lot of false claims that are made around food and nutrition – don’t fall into the hype. Call or email a Dietitian today to get the facts.

Click here to email a Registered Dietitian or call 8-1-1 to speak to a Dietitian.

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Is Your Baby Active Enough?

The The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) has releases guidelines for physical activity for kids under the age of 4. You can download a free copy of the guidelines here and you can watch  Dr. Shapiro discuss what the guidelines mean and easy ways to increase how physical your child is right here.

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Is Caffeine Bad for You?

Caffeine dehydrates you, it’s bad for your heart, it raises your blood pressure. I am sure that you have heard all sorts of things about caffeine. But is it all true? Is caffeine actually bad for you? What exactly is caffeine? So, before you throw out your morning cup of coffee read this article  from The Dieticians of Canada. It explores some of the hot button topics around caffeine including:

  • How does caffeine affect my health?
  • How much caffeine is safe?
  • How can I cut back?

To read the article click here.

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Abbotsford Farmer’s Market – Winter Dates

Did you know that the Abbotsford Farmer’s Market goes all year round? It does! Here are the details:

When: March 31, April 28 (9:00 – 1:00)
Where: the United Church at George Ferguson Way and Montrose Avenue (inside and outside)

Click here to visit the Abbotsford Farmer’s Market website.

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Recipe makeovers: 5 ways to create healthy recipes

Here is a great article from the Mayo Health Clinic on how to makeover some of your favorite recipes:

Can you count your grandmother’s beloved bread pudding as a healthy recipe? Scrumptious as it may be with 4 cups of whole milk, 1 stick of butter and 4 eggs, you probably wouldn’t find it on a list of healthy recipes. But you don’t have to remove it from your recipe box. Just modify that bread pudding with a few simple change-ups, and you’ve got another healthy recipe for your collection — not a fat and calorie disaster.

In fact, your ingredient substitution talents can help transform many unhealthy recipes into healthy recipes — and without diminishing the taste or texture of the foods you enjoy.

Click here to read the rest of the article.


Are You In?

It’s not too late for you to join the Healthy Community Challenge! Although our official kickoff was March 10 you can still sign up online at Once you register (which is free), you will have access to videos that show you how to take your own body measurements so that you can track your progress during the 90 day challenge.

It is so easy to participate! Every day (or every couple of days) you simply log in and track your eating, sleeping, drinking and physical activity behaviors (which you get points for). It will take you less than a minute each day to update these trackers!

And for residents of Abbotsford, all the points you accumulate will go to our overall city total helping us get closer being named the Healthiest Community in this challenge!

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6 week Cultural Cuisine cooking classes

Experience cuisine from around the world with our 6 week Cultural Cuisine cooking classes. In the first five weeks, we’ll jump from continent to continent for a taste of Latino, European, East Asian, and South Asian food. the final week will follow an “each-one-teach-one” format, where everyone will have the chance to showcase an appetizer or dish of their
own. Enjoy fun conversations in-between cooking and eating. Sponsored by Abbotsford Building Connections Project.

Where: Abbotsford Community Services Community Kitchen (33780 Laurel Street)
When: April 3 – May 8 (Tuesdays 6:30pm – 9:30pm)
Cost: $40 for 6 classes

Course ID #183579
Space is limited, food costs included in price

For more information contact the Diversity Coordinator at 604-864-5583 or

Register online at or call 604-855-0500 or 604-853-4221 to register.

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Healthy Living For Families: Helping you with Healthy Eating and Physical Activity at Home

ActNow BC has created an easy to follow booklet to help families make healthier choices. This booklet is available in 4 different school age groups (grades K-3, 4-7, 8-9, 10-12) and in the following 13 languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Punjabi
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Spanish
  • Arabic
  • Farsi
  • Hindi
  • Russian
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese

Here is the introduction from the booklet:

Nothing is more important than our children’s health and our families’ health. We all want our children to grow and develop, to feel good about themselves and to have the energy they need to get the most out of life. As a parent or caregiver, chances are you already know and teach your kids about the basics of healthy eating and physical activity.

This booklet is designed to help you take it one step further, with tips on everything from healthy eating on the run
to being active together as a family. You’ll also find some guidelines on things like choosing healthier foods and balancing different kinds of physical activity. Check the list of websites and other resources at the back if you want more detailed information.

Remember: the habits and patterns formed in childhood affect us for the rest of our lives. Even small changes in our lifestyles today can make a world of difference for our children tomorrow.

To download your free copy, click here.


Cut the sugar – save your kids health

Sugary drinks are everywhere. Pop, fruit “punch”, sport drinks and many other drinks have a lot of sugar. Too much sugar is not good for your child’s health. The extra calories in sugary drinks can add up quickly. This may lead to an unhealthy body weight, putting your child at higher risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Click here to access a fantastic, free booklet for parents to help you cut the sugar and improve the health of your family. Because in reality, although this resources is geared to kids, it is good information for us as adults to follow too.

This resource was developed by Sip Smart!, a provincial program dedicated to teaching kids how to make healthier drink choices.

Maximum daily amounts of sugar for kids