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Track your New Year’s Resolutions Online!

2012 has arrived and with it comes new hopes, dreams and goals for the New Year! What are your New Year’s resolutions for health and fitness? Need a refresher on how to set SMART goals? Click Here.

Now that you’re ready to kick your New Year’s resolution into high gear, have you thought about how to track your progress? Research has shown that people who journal their food intake, workouts and progress are more successful in achieving health goals such as weight loss.  If you are a fan of pen and paper simply go out and get yourself a notebook, put your goal in writing, have a friend or family member witness your commitment and start journaling along your path to success.

If you are more of a tech savvy person there are many websites and smart phone apps available to help you track your progress and even provide you with tools to share your success through social media such as Facebook and Twitter. There is nothing like a few motivating comments from friends to keep you going!

Click here to check out the Online Tools Section of the Healthy Abbotsford website for some great links to some FREE Online Health Trackers.

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One Response to “Track your New Year’s Resolutions Online!”

  1. Irina Narivonchik says:

    Something like 80% of resolutions fail – and that’s an optimistic, immediate or short-term percentage… it’s actually higher. So if you don’t want to set yourself up for almost guaranteed dissappointment– don’t make resolutions, set Goals. Goals have a higher success rate!

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