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Happy Holidays from Healthy Abbotsford

Healthy Abbotsford and our partners wish you and your family a safe and happy holiday season!

Thank-you, for all your support for Healthy Living in 2011! Your visits to our new resource rich website, your wonderful questions and comments when visiting the Healthy Abbotsford booth at community events and your eagerness to contribute to a healthy community have made 2011 a very rewarding and successful year for Healthy Abbotsford.

We look forward to continuing to support and encourage you and your family to lead a healthy lifestyle in 2012 and beyond!

Stay tuned in the New Year for exciting community programs, challenges and events to keep you moving and reaching your goals!



What is the Single Best Thing You Can Do for Your Health?

Getting healthy can be pretty overwhelming sometimes.  We tend to get the impression that living healthy means doing ALL the right things ALL the time.   This all or none concept to health simply isn’t true.   In reality, every little bit you do to contribute to your health makes you a little bit healthier. 

This all or none view on healthy living often sabotages our best efforts to get healthy.  Have you ever started a diet with the best intentions to eat great all the time and lose all that extra weight?  Then one day you enjoy a fun social gathering with friends and find yourself indulging in all those things your promised yourself you wouldn’t eat!  What did you do next?  Did you give up altogether feeling helpless and ashamed?  How can one unhealthy meal undue all the good things you did?  Simply put, it doesn’t.

It’s time to put things in prespective!  You don’t need to be healthy all the time, but what are those things you can do, on a most days, to be healthier?  Does it have to be complicated?  Definitely not.  Are there things that can get in your way? Of course.  Can you make one healthy change a priority over those things that often get in the way?  Sure you can!  

So what is one thing your can do on most days of the week to be healthier?  Watch this video by Dr. Mike Evans and SEE his educated view on the single best thing you can do for your health! 

So…what did you think?  Is this a healthy change you can make?


How to Balance Out Holiday Indulgence and Stay Healthy!

Once again, the cold air has taken over the City, the bright lights are shinning, the kids are excited, the mall parking lots have become a flurry of chaos and sweet temptation is around every corner. During this hectic but exciting time of year, how do you take in the fun, yummy extras of the season and still stay on track with your healthy goals?  Here are some tips to get you through the holidays and come out ready to take on your New Years resolutions.

Adjust your healthy expectations:

Let’s face it the holidays aren’t the best time to focus on weight loss goals. Instead of forcing yourself to avoid all temptation, create a healthy goal for the holidays that allows you to indulge a bit, but not sabotage your health kick. For instance, instead of trying to lose weight, focus on maintaining your current weight over the holidays.

Don’t keep the treats out:

There is nothing like enjoying the spoils of holiday baking, it’s just a matter of controlling how much you eat. It’s common for many families to leave out a display of holiday treats in easy reach of guests. In your own home, put out treats from time to time along with some healthy options, but avoid always having treats in sight. If you see it, you’re more likely to eat it. If you happen to be staying with friends or family, offer to make up a tray of healthy snacks like fruit and veggies to balance out the treat table.

Start some active holiday traditions:

Not all holiday traditions need to revolve around food. The crisp cool air of winter provides some nostalgic opportunities to get active with your family and friends. Here are a few ideas to get you going.

  • Bundle up the kids and go for an evening walk to check out all the decorated houses. Make it a game by voting for your favorites.
  • Take the family skating at your local ice rink. There are plenty of family skates around the holidays.
  • Go to a local Christmas tree farm and hunt down the perfect tree.
  • Bring friends together for a game of touch football.
  • If old man winter brings you snow, get outside and toboggan, make a snowman or any other snowy activity you enjoy. But go quick, snow doesn’t always stay very long!
  • Calm the stress of holiday shopping! Find a parking spot central to a few stores and then walk to each store instead of trying to re-park over and over.

Have you discovered some helpful tricks to enjoy the holidays without the guilt? Feel free to leave your comments and share with others.

Father and Child Skating


Enter the Sodium Facts Contest! You Could Win $5000 in Groceries or Kitchen Appliances from Healthy Families BC

Know your sodium facts, Win BIG!

Healthy Families BC is hosting a Sodium Facts Contest to increase awareness of how much sodium is in some of the foods we eat and how to make healthy choices.  Entering is easy, all you need to do is login or register on the Healthy Families BC website. You could win your choice of $5000 in groceries or up to $5000 in specially selected kitchen appliances from a retailer of your choice. Both Grand Prizes will include an additional $1000 worth of meal planning services from a Registered Dietitian. Weekly prizes are also available.

Did you know that the average Canadian consumes 3400 mg of sodium a day! That’s more than double the recommended limit on sodium per day. To be healthy, adults need only 1500 mg of sodium per day, while children need only 1000-1500 mg of sodium per day. Diets high in sodium put you at greater risk of high blood pressure and conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

So where does all this sodium in our diet hide? High levels of sodium can often be found in the food we eat at restaurants or the prepackaged or processed foods we buy at the grocery store.

So how do you reduce your sodium? 

  • When eating out, ask to see the nutritional information. Most restaurants have a handout which breaks down the nutritional information, including the sodium content of their menu items.
  • At the grocery store read the nutritional labels of packaged food. These labels will give you two pieces of information, the milligrams of sodium in one serving and the % daily value. Avoid brands that have 15 % of your daily value or more per serving. 5% or less is a little, 15% or more is a lot! Remember when comparing brands make sure you compare the serving sizes as they can often be different.
  • Don’t add extra salt. Put away the salt shaker and instead boost the flavor of foods with herbs and spices.

Click here to visit Healthy Families BC to get more great tips on lowering your salt intake.