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Helping Your Child Eat Well – Dealing with Picky Eating

Encouraging your child to eat well can be a challenging and sometimes frustrating endeavour. While it’s important to know the healthy things your kids should eat, getting your child to eat healthy foods and enjoy them can be a challenge. Luckily, the Healthlink BC website  has some great advice on dealing with picky eating.  Here are a few of their suggestions.

If your child will not eat a meal:

Don’t try and force them to eat. Missing a meal won’t harm a healthy child. Take away the uneaten food without commenting. Try offering a healthy snack a couple of hours later.

If your child avoids trying new foods:

Keep offering new foods for your child to try, even if they have refused them before. Children might need to see and feel new foods a few times before they try it.

If your child will only eat one or two foods:

This is sometimes called a ‘food jag.’ Let your child eat whatever healthy foods they want . Continue to offer other types of foods. These jags don’t usually last very long. If the food is a less healthy food, only offer it occasionally.

If your child likes to play with their food:

Children explore and learn about foods by touching. Plan for meals to take some time and expect a mess – It takes a child some time to learn to use utensils at meal time.

If your child will not eat vegetables:

Keep offering new vegetables. Children may like the textures and bright colours of raw vegetables the best. Try and make vegetables easy to eat by shredding or thinly slicing raw vegetables. Also offer nutritious fruits in addition to vegetables.

If your child won’t eat what you prepared and asks you to make something else instead:

Try and avoid making separate meals for your child. Instead, add one or more foods your child likes to eat at a every meal. Offer a healthy snack a couple of hours later.

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Starting an Employee Wellness Program

Looking to reap the benefits of Employee Wellness?

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October is Healthy Workplace Month. Get Your Workplace Healthy Today!

In a healthy workplace the welfare of their employees is a top priority! Employers of Healthy workplaces know that healthy employees are more productive, have greater job satisfaction, take fewer sick days and are injured less. This is good for employees and good for a company’s bottom line!

October is Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month, so now is a great time to start making some healthy changes in your workplace. It can be as simple as starting an employee walking group, or you can take it a step further and create a formal workplace wellness program, led by a committee of dedicated employees.

Many wellness initiatives can be achieved with only small financial contribution as plenty of free resources exist to help you get started. Remember that the cost of employee wellness is an investment in the success of your company!

Are you ready to get your workplace healthy? The Healthy Abbotsford website has a number of ideas for action and great resources to help you get started.

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