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Active Things to Do for the Long Weekend!

So what’s your plan for the long weekend?  The forecast is looking promising so why not pack up the family and do something healthy and fun.  Here are a few suggestions…

Take a stroll around Agrifair

Head down to the Abbotsford Exhibition Park and take in all the entertainment and activities for all ages. For more info visit

Head to a local lake for some summer fun

Pack a healthy picnic and some swimming gear and head out to one of the local lakes such as Cultus, Hayward or Alouette. For more info on park locations and amenities visit the BC Parks website or the BC Hydro – Recreation Sites website.

Organize a picnic in the park

Take advantage of the many picnic shelters in Abbotsford to enjoy the sun with family and friends. Bring along a football, soccer ball or Frisbee and start a friendly game. To find an ideal park click here to view the park amenities in the Abbotsford Program Guide.

Enjoy the Amenities at Mill Lake Park

Beat the heat with a dip in Centennial pool or play with the kids in the spray park or playground. Mill Lake is full of fun activities perfect for an active summer day!

Got any other great ideas?  Add a comment and share your favorite summertime activity.

Remember to Be Sun Safe!


Healthy Kids Live 5-2-1-0

Every child has a unique pattern of growth which can be influenced by healthy habits.  Leading a healthy family lifestyle will give your child a great start in life and reduce their risk of conditions such as type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Encouraging your family to Live 5-2-1-0 is a great way to ensure your child grows up happy and healthy! 

Live 5-2-1-0

Enjoy – 5 or more vegetables and fruits every day

By the age of 4, children require at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits every day.  To help your child develop healthy taste buds, introduce new types, colors and textures of vegetables and fruits.  What’s one serving?  Try a whole piece of fruit, a half cup of fresh or frozen vegetables or a quarter cup of dried fruit.

Power Down – no more that 2 hours of screen time each day. (TV, videos games, computer)  

Children who spend more time in front of a TV or computer spend less time being active and social.  Always put limits on screen time in your home and keep TV’s out of children’s bedrooms.  Find fun activities to replace screen time.  

Play actively – at least 1 hour each day  

Play is an important way children learn both physical and social skills. Physical activity helps children develop a good level of fitness, improves their performance in school, and increases self esteem.  To get your kids moving, try active family outings and provide space and time for active play.  

Choose healthy – ZERO sugar-sweetened drinks

Sugar sweetened drinks, such as pop and energy drinks, are not required for healthy growth and development in children.  Instead, offer your child water and milk. Got picky drinkers?  Try slices of lemon or cucumber to add a refreshing taste to water.

While 100% fruit juice contains nutrients such as Vitamin C it is still high in sugar and should only be an occasional treat (1/2 cup).  Choose whole fruit over juice.

Click here for your copy of the 5-2-1-0 Fact Sheet.

Live 5-2-1-0 is the mantra of the SCOPE project, an active partner of Healthy Abbotsford.  For more information and tips to Live 5-2-1-0 click here to visit the SCOPE website.  


Abbotsford Cycles 172 km on Canada Day!

For this year’s Canada Day Celebrations at Rotary Stadium Healthy Abbotsford and SCOPE teamed up with PRC Fitness and Pacific Sport Fraser Valley to get Abbotsford Active!

3 stations were set up to encourage participants to get active!

1- Sport Fit: This activity included a series of physical fitness stations designed to test various sports skills such as speed, agility and strength. Each participate received a card with their station scores which can later be inputted into the Sport Fit website to reveal the top 3 winter and summer sports best suited to their skills. Over 250 people, mainly children, participated in the Sport Fit station.

2 – Cycle Challenge: At this station each participant cycled for 1 mile as fast as possible. All together participants rode 107 miles (172 km). That’s longer than all the trails in Abbotsford put together!

3 – Get Active Outside – What’s your Favorite Trail or Park? For this station participants could pin their favorite park or trail on a big map of Abbotsford and write comments in the guest book. 202 pins dotted the map by the end of the day! By far, Mill Lake was the most popular with the kids. Here are some of the great comments in the guest book about favorite parks and trails:

  • “Mill Lake because you can play in the water park.”
  • “Lower Sumas Mountain park because of the view”
  • “Mill Lake because it has lots of slides.”
  • “Fish Trap creek because of the wild animals.”
  • “Albert Dyck because I like seeing the water skiers and I like to walk my dog there.”

Each station was very popular, especially among the kids, some of which went through the sport fit station multiple times!

A big thank you to our partners and all the wonderful volunteers that made Canada Day such a blast!

Cycle Challenge Canada Day

Sport Fit Sit-up Station


Win Free Groceries for a Year!

Join the Healthy Families BC Community and enter to win one of six weekly prizes or the grand prize of groceries for a year!

Healthy Families BC is the Province of British Columbia’s one stop location for information related to health and wellness. The online community allows you to take part in the conversation by commenting on blogs and receiving the latest in healthy living news and information.

This new website is part of the Ministry of Health’s four pronged Healthy Families BC Strategy to support families and communities in the following key areas:

  • Healthy Lifestyles – supporting British Columbians in managing their own health and reducing chronic disease by working with physicians to ensure consistent delivery of proven prevention initiatives.
  • Healthy Eating – initiatives aimed at supporting healthy choices, in the home, the school and the community and creating environments that support the provision of healthier foods and make their choice easier.
  • Healthy Start – helping the most vulnerable families in British Columbia get the best start in life.
  • Healthy Communities- encouraging British Columbians to lead healthier lives where they live, work, learn and play.

Click here to go to Healthy Families BC and Join the Community!

Good Luck!

Healthy Families BC Website


Abbotsford Trail Guide – Your Passport to Get Active Outside!

Did you know that Abbotsford has 100 km of trails?  Lined up end to end that’s the distance from Abbotsford, through Vancouver, all the way to Lions Bay! 

Abbotsford’s wide variety of trails are perfect for activities such as walking, biking, rollerblading and exploring nature. Not to mention great connections from neighborhoods to parks, playgrounds and businesses.  Now that summer is underway it’s the perfect time to explore your local trails!  Let the Abbotsford Trail Guide be your passport to get active outside and start planning your trail adventure.

The guide is packed with useful trail information including…

  • trail etiquette and safety
  • trail maps and distances
  • types of terrain (e.g. paved, gravel)
  • level of grades or hills (e.g. mild, moderate, steep)
  • available amenities such as washrooms, picnic tables, parking and benches

Ready to hit the trails? Click here to access the Abbotsford Trail Guide.

Trail at fishtrap