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Organize a Bike Rodeo to Keep Kids Healthy and SAFE!

Bicycling is a fun way to encourage children to be active and healthy.  However, cycling comes with it own set of hazards and any child who gets on a bike should be taught bike safety.  A Bike Rodeo is a fun and easy way to teach children how to safely ride their bike and enjoy all the benefits of cycling.

A bike rodeo is a bike obstacle course with a number of stations children navigate through on their bikes to learn the finer points of bike safety such as starting and stopping, scanning the road and making turns.  A bike rodeo will address common mistakes that most often results in accidents such as riding out of a driveway without stopping, or failing to look for stop signs. 

Running a bike rodeo can be simple with a little bit of planning.  Click here for all the information you need to organize a bike rodeo for your school, community or neighbourhood.

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Happy Pedalling!


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