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When it comes to getting healthy journaling your daily progress is a great way to keep you motivated and hold you accountable to yourself.   To help you do just that, Dietitians of Canada has developed a tool called EATracker, a free online eating and activity tracker.  When you sign-up for your account you will have access to daily eating and activity diaries where you can easily search and select the foods you eat and the activities you take part in. 

In addition to tracking your food intake, EATracker will provide personalized feedback on your total calories and nutrients consumed and compares this to what is recommended for your age, gender and activity level.  You can then use this information to ensure you are making healthy choices or learn how you can make better choices.  If weight loss is your goal, you can also track your weight and get information to help you achieve and/or maintain a healthy weight.

Ready to start tracking?

Click here to sign-up for your free EATracker account


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