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Move, Hop and Leap into Active, Healthy Kids

It is never too early to encourage your kids to be active and healthy. As soon as babies are born they are beginning to explore their new environment through sight, sound, smell and touch. They are sponges, absorbing and processing all this new and wonderful information.  Active play is an effective and fun way to learn new skills and this is the perfect time to begin to encourage healthy behaviours in children.

LEAP BC has a collection of wonderful family resources to help you do just that. Using simple everyday objects and space inside and outside your home these resources are filled with games and activities you can do with your infant, toddler or preschooler. The activities are designed to get kids moving their bodies in various ways while learning new movement skills. In addition to movement, the activities also help your child develop some important early language and communication skills, as well as healthy eating habits.

Here are just some of the resources available online:

  • Move with me from birth to three – Family Resource and Activity Cards
  • Hop – Healthy Opportunities for Preschoolers – Family Resource and Activity Cards
  • Food flair activity cards

Click here to learn more and download the LEAP BC resources


Heart Healthy Eating: Take Control of Your Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Eating a healthy balanced diet high in fiber and low in salt and saturated fats can do wonders for you heart. The Dietitians of Canada website has some great tips and advice to help you get control of heart damaging conditions such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Click here to go to the Dietitians of Canada website and download the heart healthy eating resources


Live 5-2-1-0 – Canada Recommends Less than 2 Hours of Screen time!

When children and youth watch TV, play video games or surf the web they miss out on other activities such as playing outside, socializing with friends or playing sports.  To encourage healthy behaviours, SCOPE Abbotsford promotes the Live 5-2-1-0 guideline for children and youth with 2 standing for “Power Down – No more than 2 hours of Screen Time a day”.

On February 15th 2011, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology released new Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Children and Youth, which support the call to reduce screen time to no more than 2 hours a day. These new guidelines come on the heels of the New Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines recommending that children participate in at least 1 hour of physical activity each day.

Bottom Line: The research shows that lower levels of sedentary behaviours like sitting are associated with improved fitness, academic performance, self esteem and a lower risk of obesity.

Abbotsford, Let’s Make it Healthy! Live 5-2-1-0!

Click here to download the new Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Children and Youth.


Take the Heart Throb Challenge and Win. It’s not too late!

Donate to a great cause and get active for a healthy heart in February!

About Our Hearts

Hearts are $1 each and all proceeds go to the BC Heart & Stroke Foundation. If you purchase a blank heart, you can write a message to a loved one to display in the facility or you can purchase a Heartthrob Challenge Heart and Take the Challenge!

Take the Challenge

A Heartthrob Challenge Heart comes with a 4-week calendar to track your workouts. The hearts will be posted at the recreation centres and each time you complete a 30-minute workout, you can record your success. After 12 stamps for your workouts during the month of February, you will be entered to win one of the grand prizes.

Contact ARC or MRC for all the details!

ARC 604-853-4221

MRC 604-855-0500


Family Tackles Fitness Challenge

The deWaal’s are the latest family to enter the Abbotsford New’s Family Lifestyle Challenge.

As part of the three-month Challenge the deWaals are working with personal trainers at Innovative Fitness on a weekly basis to improve their strength and cardiovascular endurance.  The deWaals also receive weekly chiropractic adjustments, and a customized home workout routine.

Click here to visit the Abbotsford News for updates on the Lifestyle Challenge and to get inspired by the deWaal family!


Be Your Own Health Advocate

As almost everyone in our society scrambles to maintain or improve his or her health, often times you have to reach out beyond the chaos to take charge of your own health.  YOU are in charge of your body, and sometimes you have to be your own health advocate to get what you need to be healthy.  This is especially important if you don’t have a regular family doctor. 

For example, knowing your cholesterol levels can be vital to your health.  Left unchecked high cholesterol can contribute to heart disease, stroke and other life threatening conditions.  If you have a family history of heart disease, are over the age of 40 or think you might be at risk, express your concerns to your doctor.

You are your best advocate for you! So go ahead, put yourself out there, take charge, and fight for your health!

Click here for more information from HealthLink BC on when to have a cholesterol test. 

Looking for a family doctor?  Click here for a list of BC physicians accepting patients in your area.


Scavenger Hunt Goes Live!

Today is the day the scavenger hunt contest goes live!  Click on the contest button on the right side of the homepage to go to the form and see today’s healthy question. Or take the shortcut and click here.

Good Luck!


Know your Health – Take the Heart and Stroke Risk Assessment

Knowing your current health status will help you set realistic goals and achieve lasting healthy changes. The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has a great online assessment to give you a better picture of your current level of health and your risk of heart disease or stroke.

The assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete and at the end you will get a personalized report which let’s you know what areas you need to work on. Based on your areas for improvement you will be directed to some great online tools to help you make healthy lifestyle changes.

One such tool, for those of who want to achieve a healthy weight, is the “My Healthy Weight Action Plan”. This is a free 12-week weight loss program that has been developed by experts in health and fitness. After signing up online you can build your own personalized action plan, which will help you…

  • monitor your current eating and physical activity habits
  • establish realistic goals for weight loss
  • anticipate and plan for weight management challenges

Click here to go to the “Heart and Stroke Risk Assessment”

Click here to go to the “My Healthy Weight Action Plan”


Healthy Waists – Track your health by measuring your waist

A healthy weight is more than what you see on the scale. When you start to eat healthy and exercise your body begins to change as you build muscle and lose body fat. Your weight alone won’t reflect all the positive changes your body is going through.

Measuring your waist can tell you a lot about your health as fat stored around your mid section can put you at risk for things like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Healthy Waist webpage has a great video to show you how to properly measure your waistline and give you the information you need to achieve or maintain a healthy waist.

Click here to go the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Healthy Waist website


Healthy Abbotsford Takes your Health to HEART!

February is Heart Health month and Healthy Abbotsford wants to help you achieve a healthy you and maintain a strong heart!   So stay tuned to for all the heart healthy links, tools and tips!

Here’s a Heart Healthy link to get you started.  Check out all the great recipes!

Heart and Stroke Foundation of BC – Healthy Living Section

If mealtimes are a struggle in your home try the Better Together BC website for kid-friendly recipes and much more.

There are many healthy benefits to eating together as a family. Children who eat together with adults tend to eat healthier, do better in school and improve their social skills. The Better Together website provides you with the tools you need to involve the whole family in meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, eating and cleaning.

Click here to go to the Better Together BC Website